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The demand for solar energy solutions is increasing as people are aware and have come to realize the benefits of the same. As renewable energy, boosting the economy of India, somewhere, we are entitled to uplift the economy. Rudra Rays and Wind Power Pvt. Ltd. is a growing solar power company in India deals in providing the latest solar products such as high-quality solar power systems to industries, residential, and commercial along with the finest quality solar panels, high-efficient solar inverters and batteries, long-lasting solar chargers. Apart from these, we are also an industry leader in providing affordable agricultural solar water pumps and solar water heater solutions for industries and commercials.

The company is also mainstream into its catalogs services such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and I&C (Installation and Charging) which help us in strategic planning and effective implementation including controlling and monitoring. 

We always stir to maintain our visionary vision as to be a client’s affordable solar energy company in India. To put in practice, we have lowered our cost of green energy with effective support of engineering, operational, performance monitoring and cost control team.  Our green solar power solution for home, industries, and other institutes are remarkable in terms of performance, utility functions, and durability. Be a proud owner of your own green energy solution! Want a free consultation, contact us now.

Solar Energy Solutions, For All

Sustainable energy for all with leading EPC and I&C service in Jaipur. Get the best consultancy for your solar energy

Residential Solar Power Solutions

Solar energy solution for a home is one of the best and alternate green power solutions for your electricity bills. The rooftop solar panels and home solar water heater solution can save years of expenses with great returns, and glancing performance. We provide technology embracing home solar products at an affordable cost.

Industrial Solar Power Solutions

Industries are one of the pride backbones for the rising economy of the country. From the past five years industries using solar energy for their operations, manufacturing concerns, and other activities. We have played a significant role in many industries and empower them with true and solitaire green energy solution.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Unlike home and industries benefiting from alternate energy, various institutions, colleges, schools, organizations, and other commercial boards leverage solar power at high. Onboard, we have enabled many prestigious institutions with solar energy. Thinking solar for your commercial, we provide a complete solar power installation service in Jaipur.

What are the Uses of Solar Power In Industries?

At the present time, there is a vast potential use of solar energy devices and systems in industries, mainly, for process heat and other thermal applications. Mostly, solar products like solar panels and solar water heaters meet up to fulfill the cost-saving goals for fuel and oils. 

Following are some examples of solar power for industrial use: 

  1. Cutting Year Energy Bills.
  2. Provide Alternate Energy 
  3. Non-Stop Solar Power Solution for work-in-progress
  4. Solar Panel generate alternate energy for large scale operations
  5. Solar water heater utilizes for manufacturing, boiling, and other test operations.

Why Is Rooftop Solar Energy Solution Is Good Option?

It’s a million-dollar question, and actually many people think before installing rooftop solar energy. As the Indian government stated that rooftop solar panel can improve the lifestyle of people, boosting the economy, and renewable our eco-system. Thus, in 2019 more than 30% of Indian residents applaud and installed rooftop solar energy solution in their homes. 

Rooftop Solar Panels is, to be a great investment, invoking many unpleasant advantages and account as a good option due to the following reasons:

  • Save High Cost and Electricity
  • Government Initiative Supports
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Alternate Energy All-Time

Why Choose Us for Solar Power Solutions?

Choose us for reliable and worry-free installation of solar power solution and contribute a small amount of good deed to the environment

Powerful and Weather Resistant

Made with a thick copper foundation, our solar cells are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and are almost impervious to corrosion.

Flexible and Lasting

Constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation, and panel flexing up to 30 degrees with more than 25 years of long operating life.

Trusted and Pan Presence

With 400+ happy clients, we have made dense trust among people and the community and successful hand in solar Water Heater installation services.

10+ Years of Industrial Experience

We have 10+ years of immoral industrial experience and diligent professionals with 100MW+ of installations and 500+ happy customers.

Ask Our Expert Engineers Choosing Best Solar Power Solutions

How Can Business Cut Energy Cost With Solar PV Energy Solutions?

For business, one of the major concerns is the overhead costs facing is the cost of electricity. Every year, the business owner pays a fluctuated amount which gets disturb their ultimate objectives to retain. Hence, solar power can be a power grid solution for its objective achievement. 

In India, thousands of businesses, innovative startups, and small businesses using solar panels and solar power systems to cut energy costs, and enable them to enjoy advantages like cuts overhead business cost, increase longevity, create energy independence, excellent tax benefits, and much more.

Business can save money and cut energy cost with solar energy cells and leverage the following benefits:

  • Long-Term Electricity
  • Tax Beneficial
  • Accelerated
  • Depreciation
  • Free Maintenance
  • Energy
  • Support a Green
  • Business Approach

Solar Power Plant System For Hotels/Resorts

In India, hotels and resorts are considered one of the highest energy uses in the building sector and therefore responsible for large discharge of carbon dioxide emissions. The majority of power is being utilized for water heating, general heating,  cooling, and lighting. Thus, solar power systems for hotels is one of the cost saving solutions. There is no maximum or minimum solar power size, as the system depends on the available space including hotel architecture and available budget. 

Mainstream, the use of solar energy in the hotel industry is wide in scope. There are a lot of usage applications in hotels, meanwhile, the most important use of solar energy is saving in cost, related to operations, fixed cost, and others. Ultimately, save a huge amount of expenses and refine the budget to work properly. Looking for a solar panel for a hotel? Talk to our expert engineers for quality solar power solutions!

Frequently asked questions

Solar modules include (panels) and (inverters) are the main components of a solar power system.

1 kWp solar system requires approximately 10 sq. m (or 100 sq. ft) of shadow-free area.

Solar PV panels have no moving parts, and therefore require little maintenance such as cleaning with water every 2-4 weeks and preventive electrical maintenance every 3 months.

The solar panels have a warranty for a period of 25 years, while, the projected life is longer

Following are the major benefits of buying Solar with us:

  1. High Engineering Quality Solar Cells.
  2. Affordable Solar Power Solutions
  3. Best EPC and I&N Services
  4. Expert Staffs and Workers
  5. 10+ years of industrial experience and more.

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