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Industrial Solar Water Heating Solutions Provider

The industrial solar water heater system is typically utilized in pre-heating feed water in the heater to decrease fuel utilization as well as a thermal shock to the boiler. This additionally brings about an increment in the productivity of boilers.

Rudra Rays and Wind Power Solar Water Heater for Industrial are amongst the most affordable and simple to install and use for all kinds of solar hot water systems. Our solar hot water heater module system is built around the revolutionary Vaccum tubes featuring an insulated solar hot water storage tank, for long functioning and protection. Moreover, the hot water storage tank works as heat preservation to keep water hot for generally longer hours with minimal heat loss.

Profoundly, solar water heating solution available for various applications like residential solar water solutions, solar heater for hospitality sector for clinics, old age homes, and child care centers, laundries, resorts & spas, institutional sector for school, college, university, and most likely for industrial sector where hot water is necessary for processing, production, manufacturing, paint jobs, and others.

Find the best-in-class, long-lasting, and high-quality industrial solar water geyser in Jaipur, Rajasthan at the best price…! Talk to our sales department for more additional queries.

Solar Water Heater Installation Services in Jaipur

With the advent of solar technology and focused people full of integrity, we have vertical experience in solar water heater installation services, solar water geyser installation services, and solar water heater installation services in Jaipur and across different states in India. Nearly, we have installed hundreds of industrial and domestic solar water geyser across different verticals. Our engineer knowledge co-operated without talented employees help to complete installation, repairing, and full-time maintenance service.

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Where We Can Use a Solar Water Heater?

The applications of using a solar water heater are widely used in various verticals. From many years, it has been utilizing in two major sectors as following

Solar Water Heater Domestic

The solar water heater for home or domestic solar water heater or solar water geyser is a device that provides hot water for home activities which mainly includes bathing, washing, and cleaning. etc employ solar energy (sun energy). Gently, the installation goes at the terrace or where the sunlight is available and heats the water during day time which is captive in an insulated large vessel tank.

Solar Water Heater Industrial

The Industrial solar water heater works slightly different from the domestic one. However, the installation and structure are the same, only the difference made in the utilization (work activity). It is mainly used by the large scale industry that deals in leather manufacturing (auto sprayer, tunnel dryer, toggle unit, and calendaring unit), degreasing for element washing, pharma, and environmental control.

solar water heater in jaipur

Benefits of Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater are ideal for use in many purposes with the following benefits

  • Reduce Carbon and Greenhouse Emissions
  • Protecting Air Quality
  • Monthly Saving
  • Increased Home Value
  • Protecting Water Quality

How Solar Water Heater Work?

The working of sun based water heater is extremely easy to comprehend. The sun-powered water radiators utilize two regular standards for its working as follow:

  1. The dark surface warms up when left in the sun, by retention of sun based radiation; The great assimilation property of dark surfaces is utilized to improve solar energy absorption in a sunlight based radiator. 

  2. Next, water goes through insulated pipes which keeping in the sun gets sweltering. 

These two marvels are used in flat plate collectors of generally accessible solar water heaters.

Why Choose Us for Solar Water Heaters?

Choose our best solar water heating solution for powering your operations with green energy production and contribute a small amount of good deed toward an environment

Powerful and Weather Resistant

Made with a thick copper foundation, our solar cells are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and are almost impervious to corrosion.

Flexible and Lasting

Constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation, and panel flexing up to 30 degrees with more than 25 years of long operating life.

Trusted and Pan Presence

With 400+ happy clients, we have made dense trust among people and the community and successful hand in solar Water Heater installation services.

10+ Years of Industrial Experience

We have 10+ years of immoral industrial experience and diligent professionals with 100MW+ of installations and 500+ happy customers.

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Types of Solar Water Heaters

FPC Solar Water Heater System

The FPC (Flat Plate Collectors) is available in metallic type systems and usually have a longer life as compared to the ETC type solar heaters. The main element of a flat plate solar collector is the absorber plate assemble of copper sheet and copper tubing. Generally, it releases 15% more heat from the unlike one. Its built-in system using high technology compared to the ETC heating system which rises its cost.

ETC Solar Water Heater System

The ETC (Evacuated Tube Collectors) is a very common type of solar water system for home, hotels, hospitals, and others. It is built using the Vaccum tubes made of borosilicate glass with a magic coating to absorb solar (sun) energy to heat water. It slightly differs from the FPC solar heating system in terms of design, manufacturing, and price. As they cost lower than unlike one.

Solar Water Heating Systems In India

The Indian Government has been attempting to create and advance the utilization of solar thermal energy through a solar water heating system for about 10 years. Sun oriented water warming system, both household and non-residential (business or industrial), are genuinely entrenched in the commercial center as a reasonable option in contrast to the utilization of non-sustainable power source alternatives for water heating. solar water heater for hotels are more used in India.

Pushing this memorable effort into the straightforward by Rudra Rays and Wind Power Pvt. Ltd by offering low-cost, high-durable, and powerful solar products such as solar panels, solar water pumps, solar water heating solutions, solar power solutions, solar lights, and solar batteries and inventers with quantitative EPC and INC services.

Frequently asked questions

There are various benefits of solar water heating solutions such as fighting climate change, protecting air quality, protecting water quality, monthly saving, increased home value, etc.

Solar Water Heater maintenance guide:

  • Clean the glass cover regularly.
  • Set the thermostat of the electrical backup as low as is comfortable.
  • Ensure that there is always a cold water supply to the solar water heater.
  • Once a year, flush out the complete system to remove any floating and settled dirt.
  • Once a year, inspect the cladding of the storage tank, the collector and the pipes between tank and collector.

The return on investment (ROI) for a solar water heater is relatively average. Your energy savings will equal the cost to buy and install the system in 5 to 7 years.

At our hub, we provide solar water heater installation services in Jaipur and across India at the least cost. You can joy a year free repairing and maintenance also.

Solar water heating systems cost more to purchase and install than conventional water heating systems. However, a solar water geyser can usually save you money in the long run. To know the cost, contact us.

Adorn your Home and Business with Green Energy

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