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Solar Water Pump Company in India

‘Water your field with the best quality solar water pump supplier in India’

An solar agriculture water pump system drastically helping villages, agriculture, and farmers by collecting the rays of the sun and converting them into electricity. In this contrast, our submersible water pumps and surface water pumps change the face of irrigated agriculture.

Being a leading solar water pump manufacturer, dealer, supplier, and exporter in Jaipur, Rajasthan we have achieved excellent performance and build a unique presence in the pump market in India by delivering and installing quality range of solar water pumping system featuring no maintenance cost, easy to install, handy in operation, and value for money. We offer a strong, immersive and powerful horsepower solar agriculture water pump and solar borewell pump by which farmers can increase yield by irrigation more land and growing multiple crops year-round and by rotating crops.

Our water pumps can be utilized for multi-functioning activities such as village water supply, livestock watering, water supply to remote homes and agriculture, and micro-irrigation. To know more about our solar agriculture water pump download the brochure.

Solar Pump Installation Services

With the advent of solar technology and focused people full of integrity, we have vertical experience in solar pumping installation services, borewell pump installation services, submersible pump installation services in Jaipur and across different states in India. Nearly, we have installed hundreds of agricultural water pumps and powered borewell pumps across different rural and urban areas. Also, our workers and co-operators manual do solar submersible pump installation services for commercial purposes.

Learn what steps or procedures we follow for installing a solar water pump:

Setting up the Solar Panel Stand

Finding the right angle for maximum sunlight then, setting stand for the solar panel for supporting the pump and I Beams and C Channels.

Beam Placement and Foundation

Placing the beam into the hole followed by adding concrete in such a way that it is at a right angle. Fill the hole with concrete and placing another beam.

Adding Lower C Channel

Placing the C channel parallel to the ground and bolt each of the ends of the C Channel to the I Beams using stainless steel bolts and nuts.

Adding other Beams and Channels

Like before, adding the remaining channels to another beam with the support of the inclined channel.

Installing Solar Panels

When all the beams and channels are fixed, next we can successfully add solar panels with the given specifications.

Making Electrical Connections

Making the appropriate electrical connections in order to get output out of the framework.

Installing Solar Water Pump

When all things suit up, we simply enable for installing the solar water pump which uses the power supplied from the panel.

Types of Solar Pumps

submersible water pump​

Submersible Water Pumps

A solar-powered submersible water pump also known as an electric submersible pump is an underwater pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor structure is hermetically sealed and coupled to the body of the pump which gives solid protection to being destroyed. It pushes the water to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic and pressure energy. As a leading solar submersible pump manufacturers in Jaipur, we have all types of powerful and long life cycled submersible water pump for your irrigation solution.

Surface Water Pumps

A solar-powered surface pump also known as on-ground water pumps are generally applied where submersible water pumps cannot be used. These are very versatile and good for pumping out ditches and footing. As they are self-priming by nature, thus highly used effectively for general irrigation and other heavy-duty applications. They are available in different horsepower, design, and color. As a leading surface water pump manufacturers in Jaipur, we have all types of powerful and long life cycled surface water pump for your agricultural solution.

Benefits of Our Solar Water Pumps

Benefits of Our Solar Water Pumps

‘Solar surface and bore pumps are ideal for use in many purposes with the following benefits’

Need to mobilize a large mob of stock, or change your pump location, our solar pump systems can be shifted easily anywhere.

Increase productivity in times of need. Our solar water pump moves more water in sunny weather and slows appropriately when it’s overcast or raining.

The tariff for home solar panels cost in comparison to industrial and commercial tariff rates is cheaper by 17% and 27% respectively. It also cut huge billing on electricity.

The prime factor that mocking the importance of rooftop solar panels is that they necessitate very little maintenance and have long years of operating life.

Why Choose Us for Solar Water Pump?

Choose our best solar pump system for powering your agriculture with green energy production and contribute a small amount of good deed toward environment

Powerful and Weather Resistant

Made with a thick copper foundation, our solar cells are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and are almost impervious to corrosion.

Flexible and Lasting

Constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation, and panel flexing up to 30 degrees with more than 25 years of long operating life.

Trusted and Pan Presence

With 400+ happy clients, we have made dense trust among people and the community and successful hand in solar pump installation services.

10+ Years of Industrial Experience

We have 10+ years of immoral industrial experience and an integrated team of diligent professionals and 500+ happy customers.

Best solar pump kits for agriculture and other commercial work at an affordable price!

Best Solar Irrigation System Solution

Solar Agriculture Water Pump

Solar systems for agriculture water pumps or solar energy powered water pumps for farming are water pumps running on electricity when solar panels collect and convert into mechanical energy which is further used by the farmers for various agricultural activities.

Looking for an agriculture solar water pumping system in Jaipur then consider our solitaire and powerful solar pump system built on various powerline to support different activities with a complete solar pump kit system.

Solar Borewell Pump

Simply the solar borewell pump is used as a device made to pump water using solar energy. The main purpose of the borewell pump is to pull the water from the deep surface to the upward surface. For rural locations, where electricity doesn’t shine, solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel generators and windmills.

Looking for the best and cheap solar borewell pump in Jaipur, we have stock of the best-quality submersible pump system with the complete solar pump kit system.

Frequently asked questions

A solar water pump or a solar photovoltaic water pumping system is a system powered by solar energy. For working the system required of solar panels, motor pump set, electronic controller devices, and inverters & batteries (if any).

The solar water pump starts work when the sunlight falls on the solar panels it produces direct current (DC) which then feeds the motor to pump out the water.

Most commonly it depends on the motor power you installed in your place. For instance, 2 HP pump can cater to about two acres of land. To know more information, contact us.

To know the price of the various powered water pump, you may need to contact our sales department at 9828050011

There is no maintenance required in cash or cash equivalent. Only the system needs very minimal maintenance which includes cleaning of the panels on a regular basis.

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